[GSoC] KDev-Embedded, OpenOCD and avrdude

KDev-Embedded  now have OpenOCD integration and a new interface to use avrdude in launcher.

With Arduino-Makefile, it's possible to use a makefile to perform compilation of Arduino projects. In the video one the the examples are used to shows how it is possible to use the new avrdude launcher to execute the upload process.

In the avrdude … Read the rest

[GSoC] KDev-Embedded, workflow integration

After some work in the plugin development, now the project have a strong focus in a better integration with KDevelop workflow. Until now the Board Configuration window have some simple features to perform the upload process for beginner users, it's called by the embedded submenu in the KDevelop toolbar.

arduinowindow — KDevelop_063
Welcome message
arduinowindow — KDevelop_064
Error message
Success message

The problem is that the … Read the rest

[GSoC] KDev-Embedded, The alpha version is coming !

The GSoC plan to dominate the world of embedded system developments is near to have his first version !

Today one of the most important steps was performed, the first upload to a microController. The code was a blink compiled with a makefile and uploaded with the KDev-Embedded plugin to an AVR microController (Arduino Nano board).

First upload !
First upload !

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[GSoC] KDev-Embedded, Debugging and programming embedded systems

The actual embedded system word depends on closed-source IDEs and libraries, with high monetary value and deprecated functionalities. Programmers that would like to use ARM based boards without paying for an IDE will have problems setting up such development ambient and synchronized toolkits.

The main idea of this project is to provide a plugin integrated with KDevelop to help the … Read the rest

FM with IQ demodulation.

FM with IQ demodulation.

After some time reading about hacking RF signals:

I bought a RTL2832U receiver, that can operate on a range of 70-1700 Ghz.


Aliexpress link.

Libraries and Programs

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libpthread.so.0 ERROR: Package libc6 on Galileo Gen 2

Error :
* check_data_file_clashes: Package libc6 wants to install file /lib/libpthread.so.0
But that file is already provided by package * libpthread0

To solve that problem, in my case on a Galileo Gen 2, you must force opkg to install libc6.

$ opkg install --force-overwrite libc6
 Installing libc6 (2.20-r0.0) to root...
 Downloading http://iotdk.intel.com/repos/1.5/iotdk/i586/libc6_2.20-r0.0_i586.ipk.
 Configuring libc6.

After that, will be possible to … Read the rest